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    Happy Birthday Youpowerment!

    Happy Birthday Youpowerment!

    The creation of Youpowerment was the culmination of the concept of life being a series of steps in a journey, not a destination, and that all the different spaces of that deserve some recognition and honoring.  Yes, talking about "life as a journey" is a cliche statement, and some of the material you'll find in the "motivational" niche does have a certain cream-puff feeling to it.  (Not that there's anything wrong with cream puffs - personally I love them and if I wasn't celiac would probably eat them every day.) But I digress. 

    Sometimes the motivational niche focuses on only having the emotions you "want" to have, the ones that are hopeful and happy and pretty and easyOh so easy!  Real growth though often springs from the challenges, have you noticed that? From the "tougher" emotions, from experiencing the full gamut of them and being ok with their changeability and complexity.

    Here at Youpowerment that's what we're giving birth to - a place where you get to have a 360 degree experience in your journey, in your emotions.  The "UR" series is our launch point, and I have more designs I am excited to bring out of my head and heart into the world soon.

    Welcome.  And have a gluten-free cupcake!